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IBCM7 Conference - New bookings must be wait-listed

Booking has been open for the IBCM7 conference (24 - 28/29 June 2019) since 1 July 2018. Demand to participate is very high, and we praise God that over 1,000 bookings have been received. They stretch our auditorium space beyond the limit.

As a result, we are now only able to accept bookings from countries which so far would not be represented at the conference. Bookings from other countries must be wait-listed. 


Programmes for IBCM7

Main conference programme here.

Draft workshop programme here.

Draft programme for Brethren Training Network extension here.



To book online from countries not yet represented at the conference, click the link below for the simple online booking function in your language:

English:   http://booking.ibcm.net/

Italiano:   http://booking.ibcm.net/modulo-di-prenotazione-ibcm-7-roma-2019/

Francais: http://booking.ibcm.net/formulaire-dinscription-ibcm-7-rome-2019/

Espanol:  http://booking.ibcm.net/solicitud-de-inscripcion-al-ibcm-7-roma-2019/

A non-online booking form, for those unable to use the online function, is available here. (Complete the form electronically and return to the email address given, or complete by hand and return to the postal address given.)

Conferencia IBCM7 - Suscripciones abiertas

Las suscripciones están abiertas para la conferencia IBCM7 que se llevará a cabo en Italia del 24-29 de Junio 2019 (incluyendo la extensión del Brethren Training Network del 28-29 de Junio 2019).


Para todos los que no puedan realizar su suscripción en línea, favor de descargar la solicitud aquí. (Complete el formato electrónicamente y envíelo al email que aparece en el formato, o llénelo a mano y remítalo a la dirección postal indicada.)

IBCM7 formulaire d’inscription hors internet – version française ici.

PER GLI ITALIANI Cliccate: dettagli della conferenza e sul programma.

Seventh International Brethren Conference on Mission

The IBCM7 conference is to take place on 24 - 28 June 2019, at the Hotel Selene, Pomezia, Rome on the theme of '... you shall be my witnesses ...': Engaging with the world and its needs. For more details, see Announcement of IBCM 7 (pdf) and Conference details. Online booking here. Non-online booking form available here.


Stephen McQuoid speaks about the IBCM Conferences

Video introduction to IBCM.

Why IBCM Conferences?

The International Brethren Conferences on Mission (IBCM) bring together every four years national leaders of local churches in the Brethren worldwide movement for spiritual reflection, fellowship and, we pray, renewed experience of the Lord.

The overall goal is the mutual encouragement of leaders in the movement in the 155+ countries where there are Christian Brethren churches.

The specific objectives of the conferences are:

  • To seek the presence and direction of the Lord together
  • To enable leaders from across the world to discover and encourage one another
  • To strengthen networking and fellowship
  • To raise awareness of the spiritual challenges of current trends and cultural developments
  • To share practical experience, ideas and methods
  • To encourage younger leaders
  • To encourage the development of regional conferences with similar objectives
If you are active in the Brethren movement in whatever country, you are warmly welcome at the conferences.
More background information on IBCM conferences.
Regional Conferences

For details of regional conferences held under the umbrella of IBCM, see the 'Regional Conferences' page

Data Protection
IBCM operates from within the European Union, and it has revised its data protection policy in the light of revised data protection legislation which came fully into effect on 25 May 2018. IBCM applies this policy to all personal data which it holds, wherever the place of residence of the person to whom the data relate. IBCM data protection policy and privacy statement
To raise questions about our data protection policy, or to ask that IBCM ceases to communicate with you directly, please contact mailto:info@ibcm.net